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Graphite Pencils, Coloured Pencils and Pens are all

excellent tools for quick sketches of subjects.

Here we have some guide notes about how to approach sketching in the great outdoors. Pens and pencils are ideal for this as we can use their portability to aid putting together a compact art kit, and coloured pencils ( particularly watercolour pencils ) can provide the colour to the line. Colour can be in ‘line and wash’ style, or using dry colour from wax or W/C pencils on a pen foundation. I am a great fan of colour from CP or W/C pencils over a pen sourced drawing and will include several examples. My notes below are being developed for a day course being run later in 2019 showing sketching with Watercolour Pencils. If you read this page in the early part of 2019, it may well not be complete.
THIS PAGE WILL BE COMPLETED LATER IN 2019 to connect with a one day course being run at Knuston Hall on Wednesday September 25th on Sketching with Watercolour Pencils