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CONTÉ Conté have been making pencils since 1795 and whilst their colour pastel pencils are well known, the Watercolour pencils they make are less frequently seen. The main coloured pencil product from Conte is the pastel pencil which comes in a set of up to 48. These are discussed in more detail in the Pastel Pencil section, but the Conte pastel pencils are fairly hard to the touch, and also come in a slightly oversized pencil which may not fit your mechanical sharpener. The full set of Watercolour pencils is of 36 colours and includes a sponge and a small brush.   Uniquely for a relatively small set there are three ‘flesh’ colours. I have no knowledge of the general level of lightfastness, but they seem to perform well and if you find them at a good price and are looking for a small aquarelle set, these could be useful. As far as wax type coloured pencils are concerned, Conte market a non soluble coloured pencil which is woodfree. The core is encased in what is described as a resin material which does not splinter. Branded Bic Conte, they come in sets of 12 and 24. and appear to be targeted at the educational market. I have not tried them. Conté are part of the large European ColArt group I don’t have a note of current suppliers of the watercolour pencils although Amazon does stock some of the range.
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