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DALER ROWNEY Daler Rowney are one of the largest UK art materials suppliers, and as such, make their products available through most art retailers in the UK. Several years ago, they ceased marketing Derwent pencils and introduced a line of watercolour pencils of their own to their materials range . These are sold as sets, with the full set numbering 36 colours.   They have advertised them in the past as having the same pigments as their watercolours. They are not a major player in the pencil market and as they have not responded to a request for a sample, I have not seen fit to buy a box just to test them, so I cannot comment on their standard. I have, in fact, written to them on several occasions since 2009 asking if they will provide information on the pencil ranges they manufacture ( both Watercolour pencil and Pastel pencils ) but as at September 2017 they have not seen fit to even acknowledge  enquiries.  This is unusual as other manufacturers are very helpful and forthcoming with information. I would expect the pencils to have quality ingredients and behave well, but the colour range is small and there are such a wide selection of good alternatives on the market that I would tend to look elsewhere. I believe that they are probably manufactured in Europe by a major pencil manufacturer and the Pastel pencils which Daler Rowney also market have a number of similarities to the Cretacolour Pastel Pencils, though the colour range is not the same ( and Cretacolour have a bigger colour range anyway).  My own feeling is that pencils only sold in sets are not a good buy as colours cannot be replaced easily when they are used up. You may get more information on the Daler Rowney website at     www.daler-rowney.com
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