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ROYAL TALENS   Van Gogh brand pencils Wax and watercolour With Bruynzeel, they are part of the Japanese Sakura Group Manufacturing was in Holland but it is more than possible that this has now been outsourced to other parts of the Sakura Group of companies.  Stocks have been intermittent in the UK over the past few years which would indicate possible import from manufacture in the far East through Holland. The non soluble is a good quality pencil of medium softness, wax based, with the advantage that all colours  are lightfast to the American ASTMS 6901 standard. The Watercolour Van Gogh pencils are marketed in similar sets, I have not sampled them myself, but they feature in the Judith Crown tests for lightfastness which are included here in ‘Topics’ at the end of the Link here. Judith Crown Lightfast tests The full sets come in 60 colours and singles were not available until recently. Single pencil import to the UK has now resumed and both sets and singles are now available - see below. Sets of 60 wax type and watercolour pencils are listed by Amazon ( Sept 2017 ) with supplies provided by Trinity Arts ( iarts ) and also other importers In the last year or so, Elkie Wild Art of Ipswich have expanded their pencil sales and now offer single pencils across the Talens/Sakura range ( Van Gogh ) at around £1.20 each - an excellent price for a lightfast pencil and also the lower priced Bruynzeel Design which cames both as wax and watercolour types These are a pencil of good quality, and though the maximum of 60 colours is possibly due to the problems of achieving good lightfastness, this will make the actual selection of colours rather more limited than other brands who supply up to 120 colours. However, the lightfastness benefit makes them well worth considering The Royal Talens website is at     www.talens.com Trinity Arts in Dundee, Scotland are importers, and I see that full details of pencil sets are now listed on their web site. They do not appear to sell single pencils.     They also sell sets through Amazon. https://iartsupplies.co.uk/drawing-materials?cat=336 Elkie Wild Art ( www.elkiewildart.co.uk ) and the associated sales outlet Coloured Pencil Shop ( www.colouredpencil.shop ) sells single pencils, and Emma ( who runs it ) will advise you if you need assistance. If you are thinking of trying these pencils, an initial order of a sample few in the colours you use most will prove of great benefit. Emma is the current Chairman of the UK Coloured Pencil Society.
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