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The old Topics web site had a section on the opening page which was regularly updated with news and information, as well as alerts when pages of the site were updated. As the new site is not updated quite so often I had decided to omit that section in the new build. Clearly, that isn’t going to work ! This page is now included here once again and will cover those items which are time related
COMING EVENTS United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society Open Exhibition 2018 Venue: Stratford Artshouse, 14 Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6LU Details: Seventeenth Annual International Open submission exhibition for all artists. Work must be original in concept, design and execution. The artist must demonstrate compositional and drawing skills and the ability to use coloured pencil. Entries must not have been shown in any previous UKCPS exhibition. Each work must comprise at least 50 per cent dry coloured pencil; the remaining 50 per cent of the work may, if preferred, contain less than 50 per cent of any other medium. Awards include Best in Show, £400; Reserve best in show, £300; Best pure coloured pencil and President’s Award work. Please see the UKCPS website for full rules and entry form. www.ukcps.co.uk. Exhibition dates: 2nd May to 11th May 2018 Closing date for online entries: February 11th 2018 Contact: Liz Ridley, tel:01732 834335. Exhibition queries to: stratford2018@ukcps.co.uk, or via contact form at www.ukcps.co.uk.
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January 2018 I have been interested to see in the pages of Amazon UK,  a host of new brands appearing, to supply the needs of the adult colouring book enthusiasts. Some of these have been around for 6 months or more, some are totally new to me. The Marco Raffine and Marco Renoir coloured pencils have built up a following and seem to be a reliable cheap pencil. However there are a number of totally new names ( to me ) on the block.  Toechno, Zenacolor, Ipow, Colore, Black Widow, and Castle all have the look of brands manufactured in China for sale by stationery suppliers and internet outlets.  I know that the option is there because I had an approach a year or more ago from a Chinese manufacturer wanting to know if I was interested in having own brand coloured pencils made for sale through the ‘Topics’ site.  Just because the pencils are cheap doesn’t mean that they will be rubbish, but like most things, you must be cautious about expecting high quality for low price. Most of these new brands sell at around 50p per pencil and some at much less. If you are new to Coloured Pencil art these low cost pencils can be a good way of starting out,  but you need to be aware that the colours in your finished pictures may well fade in sunlight and the ability of the colours to layer well ( build up and develop a range of tones and tints ) may be limited. You don’t need 120 colours to complete a good picture, 60 is usually more than enough. There is no way that I am going to try and review and comment on all the brands on sale, so the site here will continue to concentrate on the main manufacturers, and particularly those who provide good support and information on pigments and lightfastness.
January 20th 2018.  Added item at foot of the page on Price and Content to talk about the influx of low price coloured pencils on internet sale.