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Surface Tests - a summary

This section looks at the different surfaces available to Coloured Pencil users The individual topics listed on the right look at the way colour performs on a range of papers and similar surfaces. I take each type of pencil in turn. Papers come and go.  From the original tests carried out in 2014 and 2015, two papers have now disappeared from the retailers in the UK, whilst others have appeared.  It is not always so easy to keep up ! ‘Lost’ surfaces have been removed and ‘new’ surfaces have been added at the end of the list, otherwise the listing is the same as previously posted
Latest update here is September 2017
The surface you use to complete your art work makes a vast difference to the result. Papers that are too smooth will not pick up enough pigment and will give up accepting layers far too soon for you to get decent strength of colour. Papers that are too rough will pick up loads of colour from your pencil but give no accuracy of line .. plenty of colour, no detail Special surfaces made just for your medium can produce superb results - at a cost.  Is the extra cost worth it ? I have compared a range of surfaces from my store cupboard to give you some ideas. The list is NOT comprehensive - I don’t buy everything on the store shelves !