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SUMMARY OF COURSES by Peter Weatherill and courses and teaching by other artists
KNUSTON HALL, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire is a residential Adult Education College run by Northamptonshire County Council and is one of the few remaining residential colleges of its type in the UK. Peter Weatherill has been teaching Coloured Pencil courses there for over 10 years and the courses appear on the listings for the College in March and September for Coloured pencil ( both Wax and Watercolour pencils )  and May and November for Pastel Pencils. The Coloured Pencil courses comprise a day course each time on a Friday, dedicated to covering the basics for anyone new to the medium.  All materials are supplied.   This is followed immediately on the Friday evening by a weekend course looking mainly at landscape subjects and the course each time is tailored to the range of abilities and needs of the students attending.  A wide variety of references are available and once again, all materials are supplied, though most regular attending students bring their own. The Pastel Pencil Courses in November 2017,  comprise three separate day courses completing three separate landscape subjects.  All materials supplied. For those wishing to tackle animal and bird studies in Coloured Pencil,    Jonathan Newey - a well known and skilled tutor - also undertakes courses at Knuston Hall, and details of his courses can be obtained from the College. A college prospectus listing all the courses can be obtained from the College office, through which all bookings are made: www.knustonhall.org.uk Knuston Hall Irchester Wellingborough Northamptonshire  NN29 7EU   United Kingdom Tel  ( UK ) 01604 362200 EMail  :  enquiries@knustonhall.org.uk 
COURSES BOOKING - as at October 2017 Peter Weatherill :  Pastel Pencils and Hard Pastels  : Tuesday Nov 7th  :  Lane to Clovelly  -  Day Course       : Wednesday Nov 8th : Northamptonshire Snow - Day       : Thursday Nov. 9th :  Stormy Sunset - Day Jonathan Newey : Coloured Pencils -   Friday 17th November : Primate on Black Paper   - Day Course          Friday - Sunday  17 /19th November - Animals on black paper and grey board - Weekend Peter Weatherill :   Coloured Pencil Basics ( an Introduction)  : Friday 9th March 2018    - Day course                      Friday - Sunday  9th/11th March 2018  -  Landscapes in Coloured Pencil   - Weekend There are further courses by both tutors later in 2018 - Please speak to the College for more details PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THIS SITE listed a wide range of other tutors and courses and also had a gallery of images and links to other artists sites.  This all took time to manage and a decision has been taken to cut out all but the few listings above . All effort is now going into maintaining this free site with the limited time available and I no longer chase round after people to offer free advertising !  Sorry folks ! Similarly, the site here used to promote national coloured pencil societies, but statistics here showed no readership of those pages and it seems pointless  trying to maintain contact and links no one is using. There are a host of resources on social media like Facebook as well as YouTube these days, as well as blogs attached to organisations and companies like the SAA, JacksonsArt, etc.  The amount of data here has been reduced to simplify maintenance. October 2017